the most comprehensive healing treatment experience possible.

115 people are dying from

opiate-related overdoses EVERY DAY.

(an increase of 30% from 2016 – 2017)

nuhope centers

NuHope solves our patients’ toughest challenges by providing a pathway to sustainable recovery by treating the addiction at the source of the problem. We have separated ourselves from other drug treatment centers with our belief that addiction is not only a disease but has unrelenting side effects and underlying issues at its’ core. Our physician managed team integrates areas of professional expertise with compassion and understanding of your struggle to bring you the most comprehensive healing treatment experience possible.


NuHope is ushering in a new standard in what it means to be an opiate treatment center. From the moment you step into our facility to the moment you leave you will experience a world-class healing environment. Our individual counseling, physical therapy, and exam rooms are designed with your privacy and healing in mind, and our group counseling areas are spacious and therapeutic. We also feature our unique “U” Coffee bar with delicious coffees, snacks and comfortable coffee house environment for you to relax and unwind anytime you need it.


We are nothing without the addiction board-certified physicians, renowned counselors, and therapist, that make up the NuHope team. These experts have countless years of experience battling drug abuse and treating the addiction, withdrawals, pain, and scars that affect not only the patient but the family. We want every one of our patients to reach a state of lifelong recovery, and our team will be with them until they have achieved it.

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Our talented physicians, counselors, therapists and caregivers at NuHope are committed to helping our patients attain lifelong recovery from the abuse of opiates. Our goal is to provide superior care, treatments, counseling, and healthcare support to our patients and their families.

Patient care, education and recovery will touch many lives in the region providing a human touch—one with caring and compassion.

We want to hear from you. We welcome your comments, thoughts, and observations. Please contact us by letter, phone or email. We will go through each one to make sure we reach our goal of helping each of our patients achieve sustainable recovery from their addiction.

Dan Berish

Chief Executive Officer
NuHope Centers