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We help patients struggling with pain to get better. Whether your pain is acute or chronic, surgical or non-surgical, our outpatient clinic features the expertise of a team of medical professionals, each specializing in a different aspect of care.

We treat the whole person with


Every source of pain, and every patient is different. We will work with you and prescribe a treatment program specific to your needs.

Pain Management

We all experience pain from time to time, but when it becomes unmanageable, whether, from an injury or trauma, we will work with you to help manage it.

Physical Therapy

Our therapists will work closely with you to improve and maximize your movement potential and achieve your goals.

Individual Coaching

Through individualized sessions, we will teach you new skills to help you manage your pain and feel better.

Team Building Workshops

Regularly communicating with others puts your own experiences into perspective. Supportive team building will give you new skills.

Medication Management

We prescribe medications individualized for your unique situation. We’re here to help manage your pain and our protocols are designed to improve your quality of life.

PREOP™ Evaluation

We work with your physician to ensure you have the right pain management solution ahead of any procedure to facilitate the best surgical outcome.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a type of short-term treatment that can help you quickly identify, address, and cope with specific challenges you may be facing.


Suboxone is a medication used to treat pain or opioid dependency while reducing, misuse, cravings, and symptoms of withdrawal.


We start teaching the moment you begin pain management and continue to do so throughout your journey.

Managing Pain

Changing Lives

If you are getting ready to have surgery or If you’ve run out of answers for your pain, call us today.

Why NuHope?

Many patients have pain that interferes with their daily life. We know your pain is real, and in many cases, severe. NuHope has developed a unique approach to treat your symptoms at the source. In many cases, the medication that was used to bring you relief no longer works. This is common; we will investigate the reason for your pain and help you to understand how best to treat the problem. Our goal is to help you reclaim control over your daily life.

About NuHope

NuHope is a center of excellence founded by a physician, designed to treat patients based upon consensus opinions, clinical practice guidelines, medical organization recommendations, and publications in leading medical journals We use a multidisciplinary approach to outpatient treatment integrating medical, psychological, and physical disciplines into each patient’s treatment plan. Our screening program is designed to help identify each patient’s specific needs to develop an individualized treatment plan

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