How It Works
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Physician-Supervised Drug Reduction

Our physicians will prescribe the narcotics you need in order to begin the recovery process. The goal is to eliminate your withdrawal symptoms and manage your narcotics under the close supervision of our medical team. This process helps you deal with short-term pain and withdrawal symptoms in order to establish a long-term pain management solution.

Customized Rehabilitation

Because every source of pain is different, you’ll participate in a customized physical therapy program to treat the source of your pain through massage, stretching, and exercise. Our rehabilitation program helps you take control of withdrawal to eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with opiate reduction.

One-On-One and Group Counseling

Our program goes beyond physical pain to treat the emotional damage associated with substance use disorders. One-on-one, specialized counseling will give you the time needed to rebuild confidence and foster a positive mindset. Supportive group therapy provides an environment to work through core issues, and family counseling promotes healing and acceptance for a stronger future.

Education and Resources
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