We Treat

the Whole Person

Our outpatient treatment and recovery is tailored to you. We offer physician managed treatment, medication reduction, physical therapy, counseling, and care.

A New Approach

We Write Prescriptions

Our specialists know that going “cold turkey” isn’t an option. There are many methods for rapid detox, but few provide long-term recovery. With a medically managed plan, we eliminate our patient's withdrawal symptoms and gradually decrease your narcotic dependence under the supervision of a medical team.

We Treat the Physical Problem

Many people begin taking opioids for the same reason: to manage severe pain from seemingly common occurrences like a car accident, surgery, injury or ailment. We recognize that in most cases, that pain is still a part of daily life. With physical therapy and exercise, we address and treat pain at its source.

We Treat Dependence

At the core of substance use disorders are habits and behaviors that have been established and reinforced over time. The only long-term solution is to address these behaviors by taking the time to both identify and process them with a trained professional. Personalized one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and family therapy help foster the healing and self-reliance needed to facilitate recovery.

Innovative Science

We use science and medicine to get you beyond opiate dependence and back to being you. We use state-of-the-art methods to analyze the level of opioids in the patient’s body and observe how they are responding to the decrease of opioids in their system. Depending on the severity of the drug dependence, some patients need additional help getting the body’s chemical levels in balance.



KEEP your routine

Recover Where You Are

NuHope’s outpatient program won't interrupt your life. With weekly in-person sessions, you will get the care and attention you need without the need to temporarily relocate.

Recover on Your Schedule

We have morning, afternoon, and evening appointments to accommodate work, school or busy schedules. Our staff is on call to get you the help you need 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Recover in a Healing Space

We will engulf you in a healing environment from the moment you step into our facility. Our individual and  group counseling, physical therapy, and exam rooms are designed with your privacy and healing in mind.