intensive outpatient treatment
STEP 1: Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The program begins with a schedule of 3 visits with at least 10 hours of in-person participation per week. This program is focused on eliminating withdrawal symptoms, establishing a schedule for pain management, and discovering the root of your substance dependence. This critical first step offers the time and care needed to start the process of getting back to being you.

Program details:
  • Narcotic prescriptions available
  • Medical visits for withdrawal management
  • Physical therapy for short-term pain management
  • Individual or group therapy at each visit
outpatient treatment
STEP 2: Outpatient Treatment

In the 4 – 6 months following the intensive treatment program, the focus shifts from withdrawal and pain management to healing and staying on track. Your weekly visits and time at NuHope decrease but you still have access to all the pain management resources, therapy, and medical attention you need to continue recovering where you are.

Program details:
  • Narcotic prescriptions available
  • Weekly medical visit for body chemical balancing
  • Physical therapy for long-term pain management
  • At least two individual or group therapy sessions per week
STEP 3: Aftercare

In the 12 months following outpatient treatment, NuHope care is focused on providing the resources you need for long-term health and wellbeing. The goal of the aftercare program is to fully transition off of narcotics once alternative pain management techniques have been mastered. Group therapy and biofeedback therapy sessions focus on continued recovery and positivity.

  • Reduced dependence on narcotics
  • Monthly medical visit for body chemical balancing
  • Physical therapy available for long-term pain management
  • Regular individual and group therapy available
A New Approach
we write prescriptions
Yes, We Write Prescriptions

Our specialists know that going “cold turkey” isn’t an option. There are many methods for rapid detox, but few can provide long-term recovery. With a medically managed plan, we eliminate your withdrawal symptoms and gradually decrease your narcotic dependence under the supervision of a medical team.

treat underlying issue
Treat the Underlying Physical Issue

Many people started taking opioids for the same reason: to manage severe pain. Whether it was a car accident, surgery, injury, or ailment, the opiate was likely originally prescribed to lessen related pain. In most cases, that pain is still a part of daily life. With physical therapy and exercise, we address and treat pain at its source.

treat the substance use
Treat the Substance Use Disorder

At the core of substance use disorders are habits and behaviors that have been established and reinforced over time. The only long-term solution to addressing those behaviors is deliberate identification and processing of those behaviors. Personalized one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and family therapy help foster the healing and self-reliance needed to facilitate recovery.

innovative science
Innovative Science

We use science and medicine to get you beyond the opiate dependence and back to being you. We use state-of-the-art methods to analyze the level of Opioids in the patient’s body and observe how they are responding to the decrease of Opioids in their system. Depending on the severity of the drug dependence, some patients need additional help getting the body’s chemical levels in balance.

Keep Your Routine
Recover Where You Are

NuHope’s fully outpatient program means you don’t have to leave your life in order to improve it. With weekly in-person sessions, you will get the care and attention you need without the need to temporarily relocate

Recover When You Are

We have morning, afternoon, and evening appointments to accommodate work, school or busy schedules. Our professional staff is available to answer calls and get you directed to the help you need 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Recover in a Healing Space

From the moment you step into our facility to the moment you leave you will experience a world-class healing environment. Our individual counseling, physical therapy, and exam rooms are designed with your privacy and healing in mind, and our group counseling areas are spacious and therapeutic.

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