Achieve better surgical outcomes with a PREOP™ Assessment.

PREOP™ Assessment

Going into any surgery can be scary. Will it work, will I recover well and get back to normal, will I be in a lot of pain, or will the pain I’ve been in be gone? These are great questions, and while every surgery and situation is different, there are some options to improve your outcome.

Our PREOP™ assessment performed before surgery will provide your physician with the details needed to improve your physical and emotional health, and to ensure the optimal surgical outcome.

Worried about who is going to write your medications before or after surgery?

We are here to help.

Evidence Based Treatment

Your surgeon spends significant time creating an individualized plan for your care. They think through the type of procedure, the location of the incision, the need for implants, the appropriate surgical facility for you, and your overall postoperative rehabilitation needs. The plan for your medical problems, medications, and other items that impact your surgical and postoperative care will be identified and many times require referral for management by other experts in those fields. Even though all of this time was spent planning your procedure and care, oftentimes physicians will prescribe the same medications every time for specific procedures regardless of your individual characteristics and medical issues.

Patients are frequently anxious about how their pain will be controlled after their procedure. The PREOP Assessment™ is designed to identify the factors known to impact post-surgical pain and develop a plan specific to those characteristics. This evaluation functions as a “pain clearance” just like a surgical clearance is obtained from other providers such as primary care doctors or cardiologists. Not only will you receive a plan for your pain, but we will also discuss the findings of the PREOP Assessment™, and give you an individualized treatment plan. Participation in this program will reduce your overall cost of care as well as the risks of readmission, reoperation, and infection.

Is PREOP™ Assessment Right for me?

We can’t take your worries away, or control your surgery, but we can make sure your medications are prescribed and managed correctly and responsibly postoperatively. We are here to fill the gap after surgery.

Your surgeons will take care of your surgery. We’ll take care of everything else.

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