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The program consists of several weekly visits to our San Antonio facility. During these visits, we will focus on eliminating withdrawal symptoms, establishing a schedule for pain management, and discovering the root cause of your substance dependence.

Outpatient rehab is a treatment option that allows you to get professional help from addiction specialists while staying local to San Antonio and continuing your other commitments.

Is Outpatient Opiate Rehab Right For Me?

If you have experienced opioid dependency and haven’t been able to stop using opioids, we can evaluate if outpatient rehab is the right option for your case.

Our specialists know that going “cold turkey” isn’t an option. There are many methods for rapid detox, but few can provide long-term recovery. With a medically managed plan, we eliminate your withdrawal symptoms and gradually decrease your narcotic dependence under the supervision of a medical team.

Am I a Candidate for Outpatient Opiate Rehab?

If you have a dependence on opioids or narcotics, consult with one of our patient advocates to see if outpatient rehab would be the right treatment option for you.

Understanding the severity of the addiction will influence what treatment option is best for your unique situation, along with undergoing the appropriate diagnostic procedures can help determine if outpatient rehab is the right course of treatment for you.

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