Achieves Singular Success Rate in Critical Area

NuHope, an outpatient opioid, and pain treatment center based in San Antonio has completed its first year of operation with tremendous success. NuHope’s first year focused on taper effectiveness, which specifically reduces controlled substance use in those dependent on opioids. At the completion of the NuHope program, 100 percent of patients accomplished dual use elimination for medications with a poly-pharma warning from the FDA (central nervous system depressants used in combination with opioids) and 100 percent of patients successfully achieved reduction below CDC guidelines associated with lowest effective dose recommendations.

NuHope’s Founder, Dr. Adam Bruggeman was one of the first class of 1,000 in the United States who became board certified in addiction medicine. Just one tenth of one percent of all doctors have become board certified in addiction medicine. Adam is the only physician in Texas board certified in both addiction medicine and orthopedic surgery.

As a leading orthopedic surgeon in Texas and current president of the Texas Orthopaedic Association, Adam has made it his mission to treat his patients with a laser-sharp focus on pain management. He knows what works and his dedication to treating the “whole” patient led him to his work with NuHope. The number one reason people take opioids is orthopedic-related, which is why Adam is has made it his personal goal to be a leader in this area.

“NuHope is designed on a philosophy of ‘meeting the patient where they are, ’ said Dr. Bruggeman. Meeting a patient where they obligate us to do more: it means having a treatment facility near their physical location, understanding their economic position, and working with them on emotional determinants of health to create a customized treatment plan. We’ve long understood that different patients respond to different modalities of treatment. We are learning that there is significant benefit to a blend of modalities. Finally, we maintain relationships with NuHope patients beyond the normal treatment duration and treat locally so that patients can always rely on support when they need it, in the environment where they live and work.”

About NuHope: NuHope is a unique treatment center that combines the expertise of medical doctors, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, social workers, licensed counselors, drug counselors, certified counselors, and physical therapists to care for patients dependent on opioids. This integrated treatment addresses the physical, biological, and mental components of opioid use, including pain management, and is done in conjunction with a graduated taper of opioid medications. This protocol must be done in totality to limit or eliminate signs and symptoms of craving and withdrawal which can hinder or prevent recovery.

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