Noted Patient Advocate Takes Over To Manage Growth

January 28, 2020, SAN ANTONIO, TX— Jeff Dunkel assumes the role of NuHope CEO following his position as Executive Vice President of Strategy at TITAN SPINE. NuHope is a San Antonio- based outpatient opioid and pain treatment center focused on taper effectiveness, which specifically reduces controlled substance use in those dependent on opioids.

“It is exciting to take over as NuHope enters a period of rapid growth. I first learned about the innovative multi-modality, single facility, outpatient approaches at NuHope several years ago, while working with federal agencies to identify opportunities for better care for opioid dependency. We are mounting a robust challenge to the traditional models in an effort to deliver better and more sustainable outcomes for patients. NuHope offers best in class care that influences better outcomes,” said Jeff Dunkel, NuHope CEO.

Jeff earned an advisory role for two population health committees at the White House (including the opioid crisis) where he represented technology that was recognized for “innovation that is working in healthcare” during the White House Office of Science and Technology Annual President’s Brief.

Jeff volunteers with many start-up companies via pro-bono mentoring, which has been recognized by NIH. Most recently he has been nominated to the HHS Innovation Committee tasked with creating a better path for new technologies that will improve outcomes, improve safety and lower costs. Jeff actively works to influence health care policies and has been a sought-after expert to help draft language for legislation in the U.S. House and Senate.

“I am committed to leading NuHope as it steps into its role as a major player in treating and managing opioid issues. We’ve already started meeting with members of Congress, federal agencies, major insurance carriers, and thought leaders in this space. It is wonderful to see the amount of support there is to help advance care,” Dunkel concluded.

About NuHope:

NuHope is a unique treatment center that combines the expertise of medical doctors, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, social workers, licensed counselors, drug counselors, certified counselors, and physical therapists to care for patients dependent on opioids. This integrated treatment addresses the physical, biological, and mental components of opioid use, including pain management, and is done in conjunction with a graduated taper of opioid medications. This protocol must be done in totality to limit or eliminate signs and symptoms of craving and withdrawal which can hinder or prevent recovery.

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