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There are several ways. NuHope’s protocols are designed to significantly reduce or eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal when reducing your medications. Our medical staff will also prescribe medications to minimize your withdrawal symptoms should they occur and if withdrawal symptoms are experienced, your individualized plan may be modified or adjusted.  Learn more about Suboxone treatment at:

We understand and know that your pain is very real. Our multiple modality approach involving counseling, medical visits, and physical therapy all work together to equip you with alternate ways and medications to treat and reduce your pain safely and effectively.  

We always encourage you to contact NuHope’s staff prior to going to the ER for uncontrolled pain, no matter the time of day or day of the week. If we are unable to help or you require a trip to the emergency room, it is important to keep our staff informed of any visits as well as any new medications.  We will work with you to adjust your treatment to appropriately react to your circumstances. NuHope provides a suite of services that treat both acute and chronic pain issues and is happy to provide care for pre-surgical and post-surgical pain issues.

This is a common feeling. Depression, anxiety, trauma, financial issues, marital issues, and other stressors influence our brain’s ability to interpret and tolerate pain. This often leads to more physical pain. Counseling sessions have a heavy educational component that help you understand your pain and teach you strategies to better cope with all of these feelings.

It’s comprehensive treatment. By combining the medical, emotional, and physical issues under one roof and in one program, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the physical health of our patients  Our physical therapists are specially trained in advanced techniques designed to treat patients with acute and chronic pain issues.

We understand that our patients have other commitments and therefore we offer individualized programs, such as evening and weekend appointments. By offering all of our services under one roof, we are designed to make “getting better” as convenient for our patients as possible.

NuHope is a facility that provides a suite of services for a range of acute and chronic pain issues. Due to the nature of many of the medications  patients are prescribed, their body and brain develop a dependence to the medication.  Most patients who have been dealing with chronic pain, have developed a tolerance to the medication and find that they need a higher dose of medication to treat their pain for longer periods of time than were intended. High levels and/or long-term use of opiates is dangerous and carries significant risks. The medical team at NuHope will slowly and comfortably taper patients’ medications to a safer level with the goal of getting them completely free from opiates while maintaining the same, if not better, level of pain control.

The key to success is maintaining open and honest communication between NuHope staff and patients. While it is true that taking your medication other than as prescribed is not ideal, it just means that the patient and the staff need to work harder or adjust treatment to find the path to success.

Absolutely. Counseling is strongly encouraged to maintain treatment.  Studies have shown that patients who remain engaged with long-term treatment protocols after achieving successful tapering are more likely to succeed.

Let us put that in perspective. There is a significant amount of new information available that clearly indicates that the dangers of opiates have been dramatically understated, causing the government to step in with more restrictive guidelines about prescribing opiates. In addition, there are many patients on medications that have been shown to be dangerous when combined with opiate pain medications, such as muscle relaxants or anxiety medications.  Some providers have inappropriately forced patients rapidly off their medications in response to the new guidelines and recommendations.  NuHope is designed to meet you where you are and work at an agreed upon pace to achieve a successful outcome.

On the contrary, NuHope believes that every patient is individual and there is no “one size fits all” treatment. If our medical team decides to put you on Suboxone, Buprenorphine, or Methadone, they will keep you at a stable dose for a period of time that you both agree on and then begin the slow taper process.

Our medical team will assess each patient’s situation and recommend the appropriate treatment protocol. Each patient’s medical issues are unique and the plan and ultimate dosing will be decided based on your individual needs.

Yes, NuHope offers an Intensive Outpatient Program for patients transitioning out of a drug rehabilitation center, that consists of substance use disorder groups, 12 step recovery groups, process groups, individual therapy by a licensed counseling professional, physical therapy, and treatment by medical personnel.

Since NuHope is an individualized program for each patient, there is not an expected length of stay. We work with patients to design a program that meets their specific needs.

Suboxone can be used to treat adults with chronic pain or for those who have opioid dependency. A Suboxone prescription is only part of a complete treatment program that also includes counseling, psychosocial support, and physical therapy.  Find out more at: